Our Approach & Values

Our clients work to build communities where all people find opportunity and belonging—with access to affordable homes, health care, and essential resources. We provide real estate and related services to support our clients’ missions, bringing a focus on partnership, community, sustainability, and equity.

When you hire HDC as a consultant, key questions guide our approach:

  • What does it look like to be a valuable and supportive partner to you?

  • How can we better understand the communities you serve?

  • How can we help you to marshal and manage the right resources to achieve your goals—and to ensure your real estate assets serve community needs over the long term?

  • How can we break down racial inequities and disparities in the work we do together? (Because change starts with having the conversation.)

Our approach starts with getting to know your organization and your project team. We lay the groundwork for a successful relationship by taking time to listen carefully and gather knowledge. We work with you to build smooth pathways for collaboration. Then we bring technical knowledge, experience, and commitment to get the job done—and we bring our learnings to the next job.

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