Emily Schelling, Director of Asset Management & Initiatives

Emily directs HDC’s asset-management consulting team and leads strategic and policy initiatives to strengthen the affordable-housing industry and its operating environment. A current focus of Emily’s policy work is to engage partners across Oregon to understand and develop appropriate funding policies to address the state’s affordable-housing preservation needs. In her role as a technical consultant to affordable-housing owners, Emily works with clients to strengthen asset-management tools and practices, bringing an emphasis on meeting clients “where they are at” with capacity and budget. Emily joined HDC in 2010, bringing a decade of experience in planning, policy, social work and housing development. Emily’s long-term commitment to affordable housing includes asset-management work for a tax-credit syndicator; affordable-housing development in rural Oregon; strategic planning for government housing agencies; and direct social service, providing housing placement assistance for very low-income and homeless seniors. Her diverse experience informs her understanding of asset management’s many nuances. Emily has a master’s degree in city planning from Rutgers University, where she received a Graduate Excellence Fellowship.