Anita Punja, Finance Project Manager

Anita Punja brings experience in planning, architecture, and sustainable development to her work assisting HDC clients to assess feasibility, develop budgets and pro formas, and structure financing for affordable-housing and community-facility developments. Anita values building strong relationships with project partners, and a current focus of her work is to finance housing that serves residents with special needs and communities displaced by gentrification. Anita serves on HDC’s equity team, a cross-departmental group responsible for assuring that HDC’s organizational policies and culture reflect principles of equity and inclusion. Prior to joining HDC in 2011, Anita worked as an urban planner in communities such as San Diego, Calif., and Bangalore, India. With Livable Places, a nonprofit housing developer in Los Angeles, she provided project management support for mixed-income housing developments. Anita holds a Master of Planning from University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon.