Housing & Facilities Development

We partner with housing and service providers to create developments that strengthen communities.

Our clients understand the communities they serve and how to serve them. We provide expertise and capacity in mission-driven real estate development. Together, we create homes, health clinics, and community spaces where people find belonging and access resources to thrive.

As your partner and project manager, we bring experience, knowledge, and relationships from hundreds of successfully completed developments. We will work with your team to define objectives; devise cost-effective, mission-aligned strategies to reach them; and mobilize and manage human and financial resources to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Have a project you’re thinking about? We’d love to hear from you. You can also visit our Development FAQ page to learn more about our services.


→ Plan, evaluate feasibility, and acquire a site for your project.

→ Structure sustainable financing that includes sources such as low-income-housing tax credits, new markets tax credits, tax-exempt bonds, and public and private grants and loans.

→ Hire architects, contractors, and consultants; and assure that contracting addresses equity goals.

→ Integrate cost-effective green technologies and design strategies.

→ Manage construction from bidding through final inspections.

→ Access tools and training to sustainably operate and manage your project

Contact our Staff

Mary Bradshaw

Mary K. Bradshaw
Director of Construction Management

Andrea Sanchez

Andrea K. Sanchez
Director of Project Finance