Our People

A lot of what we do involves finding the right balance among competing priorities. That can mean reducing construction costs, while maximizing durability of building materials. Or keeping projects on track, while making time to honor diverse perspectives and question status-quo thinking. Whatever the factors at play, we are committed to supporting our partners to make wise decisions to reach their goals. We are creative problem solvers who love to collaborate with mission-driven teams to build strong communities. We look forward to working with you!

Learn who’s on HDC’s board of directors.



Joni Hartmann.png

Joni Hartmann
Executive Director

Joni cares deeply about families and community. Her work leading HDC is centered on a vision of every person having a home.


Management Team

Meredith Bowie.jpg

Meredith Bowie
Director of Finance & Operations

Meredith oversees finances, human resources, and legal and regulatory compliance for HDC and serves as fiscal manager for HDC Community Fund, HDC’s affiliated loan fund.

Mary Bradshaw.png

Mary K. Bradshaw
Director of Construction Management

Mary directs the work of HDC’s construction management team; she specializes in assisting partners to design and build integrated health-care facilities that support the whole person.

Andrea Sanchez.png

Andrea K. Sanchez
Director of Project Finance

Andrea believes access to safe, affordable housing improves health outcomes. She draws on her background operating and funding affordable housing to lead HDC’s project finance team.

Emily Schelling.png

Emily Schelling
Director of Asset Management & Initiatives

Emily directs HDC’s asset-management consulting team and leads strategic and policy initiatives to strengthen the affordable housing industry and its operating environment.


William Alexander Aleman.png

William Alexander Aleman
Construction Project Manager

William (“Alex”) brings a focus on meeting the needs of end users, including residents who have special needs and disabilities, to his work managing construction of housing and service facilities. 

Shauna Childress.png

Shauna Childress
Finance Project Manager

Shauna manages financing of mission-driven developments, using her experience working for direct service providers to ensure projects meet the needs of communities they are intended to serve.

Philip Dochow.png

Philip Dochow
Senior Finance Project Manager

Philip brings 30 years of experience in affordable housing finance and construction to his work structuring and managing complex real-estate transactions.

Tim Kay.jpg

Tim Kay
Office Manager

Tim keeps the HDC office running smoothly. They manage technology, serve as the first point of contact for clients, and provide administrative support to the executive director. 

Lynn Lindgren-Schreuder.png

Lynn Lindgren-Schreuder
Construction Project Manager

Lynn enjoys assisting clients to develop and build projects that provide a place for individuals to flourish, families to grow, and communities to come together.

Baker Lyon.png

Baker Lyon
Senior Finance Project Manager

Baker brings a long-term-ownership perspective to the development of housing and facilities that enrich lives and improve communities.

Kayla Murphy.jpg

Kayla Murphy
Junior Construction Project Manager

Kayla feels passionately about providing owners and residents the information they need to use, care for, and get value from their new and newly rehabbed buildings.

Debbie Page.jpg

Debbie Page
Construction Project Manager

Debbie takes the time to ease residents of occupied-rehab projects through the construction process, bringing a human-centered approach to her work managing housing construction.

Julie Proksch.jpg

Julie Proksch
Senior Construction Project Manager

An architect and landscape designer, Julie works to cultivate community and empower the individual as she helps her clients to navigate the many details of developing a successful project.

Anita Punja.png

Anita Punja
Finance Project Manager

Anita values building strong relationships with project partners. She brings experience in financing housing that serves residents with special needs and communities displaced by gentrification.

Camela Raymond.png

Camela Raymond
Communications Coordinator

Camela works with HDC’s internal teams to support and craft communications that raise awareness, build connection, and motivate action.

Jenn Sharp.png

Jenn Sharp
Senior Construction Project Manager

Jenn brings a passion for sustainable design and construction and a special interest in modular construction technologies to her work managing construction of housing and service facilities.

Lydia Slocum.png

Lydia Slocum
Finance Project Manager

Lydia draws on her background in architecture, historic preservation, and sustainable community development to assess, prepare, and monitor development finance for nonprofit clients.

Leah Sobieck.png

Leah Sobieck
Project Assistant

Leah supports HDC’s development staff and assists clients with project financing and construction. She brings a racial-equity lens and a focus on human impacts to her work.

Lara Spangler.png

Lara Spangler
Senior Construction Project Manager

Lara brings a background in architecture and a lifelong interest in global concepts of human shelter to her work helping diverse teams meet development and construction challenges.

Jacob Strawn.png

Jacob Strawn
Project Assistant

Jake supports HDC’s development staff and underwrites development loans with HDC Community Fund, drawing on his background in business economics and community development.

Gigi Szabo.png

Gigi Szabo
Senior Finance Project Manager

Gigi brings more than 15 years of experience in housing development and finance to her work. She is HDC’s expert on financing permanent supportive housing for veterans and people with special needs.

Kimberly Taylor.png

Kimberly Taylor
Senior Asset Management Project Manager

Kimberly helps affordable housing owners ensure the long-term health of their portfolios by providing training and technical assistance in compliance and asset management.

Hasan Zuhairy.png

Hasan Zuhairy
Finance Project Manager

Hasan works with HDC clients to finance affordable housing and facilities that serve communities throughout the Northwest.